Monday, March 9, 2009

I’ve often thought that one of the hardest things about living alone is trying to hang pictures on your wall. It’s just too difficult to judge how it looks when the frame is right in front of your face, and you can’t step back to visualize it. I’m also very particular about having a picture hung in just the right spot, so it takes a patient person to hold a picture while I instruct them to “go a little to the right. Now back to the left. Stop! Now down a little.”

Since I had the entire weekend to get it right, I attempted to hang a couple of pictures on my own. My mom picked these prints up for me when she was at an event with the artist in January. It’s not normally my kind of picture, but I like that they have a reference to Paris and New York in them. It might be hard to see, but trust me, the Paris and New York thing are there.

I took the prints to Michael’s to get them custom framed, because of course they weren’t a standard frame size. I do all of my framing at Michael’s because Wayne, who works in the custom framing department, is so great at his job. In the past couple of years, I have had many pictures framed (I will not reveal the amount of money I have spent doing so) and Wayne has made mat and frame suggestions for all of them. He’s just that good.

I got the pictures up over the weekend and they look great in my bathroom. It’s just what that wall needed. And I only put five holes in the wall getting them hung perfectly! That’s about five less than what I thought I would.


  1. What Michael's do you go to get pictures framed?

  2. The Michael's in Buckhead, on Piedmont. They always have 40-60 percent off of framing, too.