Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling All Crafters

…or people who have a tendency to cut themselves with sharp objects. (I fall into the latter category.)

It’s always been a joke in my family not to give me a sharp object because I will find a way to accidently cut myself. For example, I cut my finger almost to the bone (I’m not exaggerating here) with a butter knife when I was in high school. Yes, a butter knife. I bet you didn’t know that a butter knife could do that, but it can. I was trying to slice a bagel open and instead sliced my finger open.

The holidays are also a particularly dangerous time for me. Opening all of those boxes that are well-taped and call for a knife is practically a death sentence for me. When I’m trying to cut a box open, usually a family member will cautiously approach me and take the knife out of my hand to open the box for me. Trust me. It’s better for everyone involved when this happens.

So my mom got me this cutter thingy a long time ago because it’s supposed to let you safely open objects without cutting yourself. It’s also good for crafting. I have had this thing for over a year and haven’t even opened it because I was worried about cutting myself trying to open the packaging, and I was skeptical that it would work.

Last week I had a need for a razor blade, which of course I don’t keep in my home because that would be dangerous, so I thought I would try this thing. Oh my god it’s amazing! It really works and I am completely intrigued by it. If you run your finger along the bottom, you really can’t feel anything and it’s not sharp where you will cut yourself. But yet it will cut into cardboard! Who knew!

It’s called the iSlice. I have no idea where you get this thing, but you can probably Google it and come up with something. Or if you’re really interested, I can ask my mom for you.

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