Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where’s Angela Been?

Phoenix, that’s where! I took a little vacation over the Memorial Day weekend to visit my friend Brittney. This has become an annual vacation for me and one that I look forward to every year. The main reason that I look forward to it is because Brittney and I visit the spa (more later on the spa), but we also do a lot of other fun stuff.

I arrived in Phoenix Wednesday night and right away Thursday morning Brittney and I headed for Sedona. For all of the times that I’ve been to Phoenix I have never gone to Sedona and I thought it was about time. We went for a day trip and had a blast.

The highlight of Sedona was doing the
Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour. It’s about a two hour long very bumpy but scenic ride through Sedona. I highly recommend it.

Our ride.

A seatbelt was very necessary on this trip.

Again, seatbelt necessary.

What a view!

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