Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Success!

I am happy to report that mine and Tacia’s attempt to make Thanksgiving dinner yesterday was successful. For two people who had never made a turkey, and really had no idea what we were doing, I have to say it turned out to be quite delicious! All of our sides turned out well and tasted great too.

I’m sure if you had been in the kitchen watching us try to put dinner together, you would have been quite amused, especially when we were prepping the turkey. Or I should say when I was prepping the turkey. Tacia, the nurse who deals with gross stuff at a hospital every day, did not want to get close to the raw bird. It was just too gross for her. Instead I (who really can’t deal with gross stuff) was the one who ended up having to touch it. How’d that happen?

One of the most challenging parts of the day was carving the turkey. I had watched an instructional video online earlier in the week to try and learn how, but it really didn’t help. After Tacia and I stood staring at the turkey for five minutes trying to put a game plan together as to how you even start cutting, I basically ended up hacking away at it with a knife. They probably weren’t the prettiest slices of turkey you’ve ever seen, but oh well.

Now that Tacia and I have crossed this major milestone in our lives in making Thanksgiving dinner, we feel pretty proud of ourselves. We might even do it again next year. But if we do, I’m not going to be so nice and Tacia will be in charge of prepping the turkey!

Eww, gross.

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