Monday, December 14, 2009

I Heart NY

On Saturday I returned from an amazing week in New York. Amazing. I mean, December in New York? Nothing like it.

I was in New York for work to attend an event my client, Viking Range Corporation, held at Food Network. Viking recently launched a new line of products called the Designer Series, and to introduce media to the new line, we hosted a party at Food Network’s Test Kitchen.

I’m happy to report the event was a huge success. I got to see lots of media friends and also got to meet a lot of new ones. Plus, one of my favorite people, Food Network’s Ted Allen, came to the party. Love, love, love him! Also love his show "Chopped" on Food Network.

Side note: I learned that Ted has been making a lot of soup lately, which of course is fitting for the season. I love soup and have requested he post some easy – key word being easy – soup recipes to his Web site. I warned Ted that my refrigerator consists of a Brita water filter and that’s about it. Just wanted to give him an idea of what I’m working with ingredients-wise. I'm happy to purchase ingredients, just nothing too obscure. I requested that he please keep this in mind when posting soup recipes. You know, for those of us who usually get our soup from Campbell’s.

Below are some party pics. I will have more on my New York trip later this week, but to give you a little preview of what’s to come, my trip included ice skating, Rockefeller Center and lots of eating.

Last Minute Party Prep

The New Designer Series

Ted Allen

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