Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Week

Fashion Week kicked off in New York yesterday, so I’ve decided to host my own Fashion Week here on Almstreet. Mine, however, will not include models, celebrities, or amazing after parties with lots of free alcohol. Sorry. It will include some really cute purchases that I have recently made and need an excuse to share, hence Fashion Week on Almstreet.

I begin with one of my favorite new skirts. This skirt has so much to offer. It has lots of different colors which make it very versatile to pair with different shirts, tights, shoes, etc. And for those of you who care about comfort, it’s definitely got that. Hello elastic waistband!

This skirt is from Anthropologie, but unfortunately is sold out online, and I would imagine in most stores. I have seen it pop up on eBay quite a bit and I know there is at least one for sale on there now. Search for the Anthropologie Sparrow Revelations Skirt. Happy eBay shopping!

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