Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby, baby, I’m taken with the notion…

Remember that Amy Grant song?

I’ve got babies on my mind. Just to be clear, let me say right away that I am not talking about a baby for me. No baby here. Repeat. No. Baby. Here. But my colleague, Keri, is having a baby in June. June 5th to be exact, and I am making a baby quilt for her. I’ve made a number of quilts before, but I’ve never made a baby quilt, so I’m really looking forward to making one.

Keri is having a girl, name is TBD. I’ve made plenty of name suggestions, but so far she hasn’t liked any of them. It’s very frustrating because every name that someone suggests, Keri has a reason why it can’t be that. Either there was a girl in high school that had that name and she hated her. Or her friend’s sister just had a baby and chose that name. Or her second cousin that lives in Africa, that had a baby two years ago thought about naming her kid that name. Get the picture? I’ve given up. So instead of killing myself trying to make name suggestions, I’m thinking about fabric choices.

Here’s the other frustrating part. Keri is against pink. How can you have a baby girl and not believe in the color pink? That is just wrong. I’m not talking about pink everywhere, because I agree that that can be too much, but some pink is necessary when having a girl. Really, it is.

Keri has come around a little and has decided to add touches of pink to the baby’s room. The walls are a bright blue color and the bedding is multi-color with some pink in it, which I think is progress for her and good news for me, because I can add pink to the quilt. (I had to keep the pink thing in mind when thinking about fabric colors.)

The good part is that Keri is having the baby bedding custom made, and when she was looking at fabric choices, she had a bunch of samples shipped to her that fit in with the color palette for the baby’s room. Keri gave me the leftover fabric and I am incorporating that into the quilt. The quilt is going to be very bright, and I’m interested to see how it turns out.

I started it yesterday and below is a shot of the very bright fabric choices that will be included. Stay tuned later on to see the finished quilt. I’ve got a deadline of June 5th, so it will definitely be done by then.


  1. I'm impressed! I can't sew at all.

  2. Cute fabric. Make sure you show us the finished project.

    And not liking pink is just sad. :)

  3. Ok, KERI just setting the record straight a little. I don't HATE pink. I'm coming around to it. I don't like girly, frilly, princessy, pinky pink baby stuff. Seriously, look at the baby girl stuff in any store, and it looks like it's all been regurgitated by a My Little Pony. Ick. In the end, I think you'll find there will be more pink than expected in the "Embellished Blue" room. And who says a girls room has to be painted pink anyway?

    Oh, and I love the fabrics. I'm excited and honored to receive such a personal gift, even if I do have to take a little crap in order to get it...Seriously, though, enough.

  4. PS My name is Keri and I live in the suburbs. Whew. I feel better now having admitted to my affliction.

  5. Angela - I love the fabric choices and can't wait to see the final product either! I'm sure it will be beautiful. I also can't wait to see pictures of Keri's baby room!