Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet Jack!

This week, I am watching my friend’s dog, Jack. Jack is a 4-month-old Yellow Lab and he is super cute. See below.

Some of you know that I have wanted a dog for a very long time, and I've wanted a Yellow Lab, but I have not committed to one because I know that I don’t have the time available to dedicate to a dog.

Since I can’t have a dog of my own, I’ve really been looking forward to this week because I can be a pretend dog owner for a few days. I’m also hoping that the amount of work involved watching a puppy cures me of my dog obsession.

Jack arrived last night and for the most part it’s going well. When his mom left, he seemed a little unsure of his new surroundings, so to make himself more at home, he promptly peed on my carpet. I was glad we got that taken care of right away. We spent the rest of the night going for a short walk around my neighborhood and playing with his toys. Everything went well and he slept peacefully in his crate until morning.

This morning, however, was a little more challenging. Jack wanted to play and I wanted to get ready for work. I put Jack in the bathroom with me while I took a shower so that I could keep an eye on him. More importantly, so that I knew that he wasn’t finding his way to my closet where my shoes live. Jack + Angela’s shoes = puppy soup, and we don’t want that.

Let me just say that we had a very uncomfortable moment when Jack decided to join me in the shower. And I mean that he jumped right on in. He didn’t seem to care that he was getting wet because he was more interested in the shampoo-flavored water that he could drink. After shooing Jack out of the shower many times and getting nowhere, I finally got out and had to put him in his crate so that I could finish showering. Jack has now realized that the bathtub is a great water source and his favorite thing is to run in there and crawl over the side of the tub to hang out.

Tonight will be another fun-filled night with Jack. I warn you that the rest of this week is very likely to be filled with Jack stories and pictures. The picture part is a little tricky though. Jack does not appreciate the fact that I need him to stand in one place for more than five seconds to snap a photo. I think we’ll have family meeting about this tonight.

Yes, Jack. The treats are up there on the counter. But no, you may not have another one.

Finally bedtime.


  1. Jack is so cute! Good luck this week. I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures with Jack.

  2. Don't make him sleep in the crate! Let him sleep with you! I know you hate certain dogs (like greyhounds) but don't take that out on Jack. Oh, btw, all labs love water.