Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let me start by saying that my lunch today includes rice, which will explain why the conversation I’m about to tell you about took place.

I was on my way to the office kitchen this morning to put my lunch in the refrigerator, and I casually mentioned to some colleagues that I had never made rice before. I made some last night for the first time. They were quite surprised by this and they think I'm weird for never having made rice before.
I think any domestic credibility I have with them went down by at least two points for sharing this piece of information with them. And let me just say that I don’t have much credibility to start with when it comes to this area of my life.

Is it so weird that I’ve never made rice before? I really don’t think it is. I like rice, and I think I’ve made some kind of instant/packaged/microwaveable rice before, but I have never boiled water on the stove to make plain rice. I think this is perfectly normal and acceptable. I also think one should not be judged on whether they have made rice before.

To conclude this pointless entry, I must add that I don’t think I’ll be making it again anytime soon. My rice turned out mushy! And I followed the instructions exactly as they were stated on the package. How do you get non-mushy rice???

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  1. The secret is to never, ever lift the lid on your pot to peek at your rice while it is cooking. Turn the burner down low and trust the rice gods.