Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogher '09

This past weekend I was in Chicago attending the Blogher ’09 conference. I went for work and met lots of great bloggers, saw some cool things, and learned about the latest in blogging and new media.

The conference was two days long and featured breakout sessions as well as keynote speakers. On Saturday, the keynote address was about the changing media landscape, and one of the panelists was famed former Vanity Fair magazine editor Tina Brown. Tina Brown is credited for making Vanity Fair what it is today, which is in my opinion, one of the best magazines available. I anxiously await its arrival in my mailbox every month and then devote hours upon hours to reading it.

Needless to say, I was excited to hear her speak. Plus, as someone who considers herself to be a media junkie, Tina Brown is high on my list of people I find to be very impressive.

On Saturday morning I was standing in the lobby of the hotel and who walks in? Tina Brown! I only had a split second to think about what I should do. Should I throw myself at her and tell her how cool I think she is? Probably not. Should I just walk up and introduce myself. No, she’s having a conversation with other people and that would be rude to interrupt. So in an effort to maintain some sort of professionalism, I instead took a picture of her with my cell phone. I tried to be discreet about it, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t. Oh well, I had a brush with media royalty and it was so worth it.

Tina Brown (in the white pants and black shirt)

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