Friday, December 18, 2009

A couple of weeks ago my friend Lindsay came to town to for the annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl. Lindsay used to live in Atlanta and we attended our very first Santa Pub Crawl together about four years ago. It was so much fun that we have now made it an annual occurrence that we won’t miss. It is hands down the best Saturday night in Atlanta all year.

Since we have been such regulars to Santa Pub Crawl, we have now started seeing “Santa Friends” that we do not know, do not see, and do not speak to any other time of the year except at the pub crawl. Is it sad or totally awesome that we run into people that we recognize, and who recognize us, from past years? I’m going with awesome.

As expected, this year was another successful Santa Pub Crawl and one for the books. Lindsay claims that this year was her last Santa Pub Crawl and she is retiring. Yep, I’m so sure that’s happening. See you next year, Linds!

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