Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jack’s Day Out

I took last Friday off and just had to see my favorite guy, Jack. I picked him up in the morning so that we could hang out all day. We went for our usual walk and then after lunch we headed to the park with a blanket and a stack of magazines to read. I got caught up on a bunch of reading and Jack got to watch the birds and squirrels go by. We were both happy.

Apparently all of the fresh air tired us both out because when we got home we were ready for a nap on the couch. Now Jack and I have an ongoing battle over the couch and who has first dibs to it. Obviously I do, SINCE I OWN IT, but for some reason Jack always ends up getting the couch and I have to sit on the floor.

I was determined to win the battle on Friday so I claimed my spot before he had a chance to stretch out and take up all of the space. I was on one end and I piled the pillows on the other end so that there wasn’t a spot for him. Brilliant idea, I thought.

Somehow it didn’t end up working out how I planned. Jack was confused by the lack of space for him on the couch and was giving me a look like, “aren’t you gonna let me up there?”

His solution? Climb up anyway and lie on top of the pillows. *Sigh…

Score: Jack 1/Angela 0.

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