Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I was reading in a tabloid magazine last weekend that Suri Cruise supposedly has a $3.2 million wardrobe. Not too shabby. I was pondering this large baby budget and it gave me an idea for an excellent career change. A baby stylist! Now I don’t have a baby, have never had a baby, and have no plans for a baby anytime in the near future, but I have friends with babies. I think that’s close enough to knowing about baby clothes, right?

Regardless, it’s really just about having good taste and good style. And if I can gloat for a moment, I think I have reasonably good style and definitely a passion for fashion. Now I just need to translate that into baby fashion.

A few hours after reading about Suri’s wardrobe, I had to hit the mall to pick up a few things. While I was there I saw a dress that I’ve had my eye on for baby Talia. (Note: this could be the start of my career as a baby stylist.) Talia is the daughter of Keri, whom I work with. I told Keri about this dress back before Christmas and how she HAD to get it because it’s one of the cutest things ever. Time went by and Keri never got it, which ended up being a smart move because the dress was a bit pricey. While I think looking good is very important, it’s more important that Keri doesn’t blow Talia’s college education fund on expensive baby clothes. I get it. I’m not that vain.

Good news is that the pricey Lia Molly dress was on sale. It was marked down to $19.99 from its original $78 price tag. I had to pick it up for Keri because it was meant to be. It was the only one left and it was in Talia’s size.

The adorable Talia. Talia is already showing signs of being a fashionista by wearing a T-shirt with The Godfather on it. What a badass! Maybe Talia’s style is going to be a bit edgier? As her stylist, I can work with that.

I can’t wait to see Talia wearing this dress later this year around the holidays. I think this could be a Christmas card contender.

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  1. Ha! My baby the bad ass! So true. When you're a big famous baby stylist and you have your own reality show on Bravo! just remember who helped you get your start. We can't wait for the dress either!