Thursday, April 2, 2009

Play time is all the time!

It is in Jack’s world anyway.

Like many dogs, Jack’s favorite game is to chase and retrieve his tennis ball. I have a long hallway in my apartment that is perfect for this very activity. I throw the ball. Jack runs full speed to get it. Then he brings it back to me and wants me to try and pull it out from his teeth. When I get tired of trying to dislodge it from his mouth and pull my hand away, he nudges me and starts to climb all over me so that I keep trying. Jack thinks this is the best game ever!

I’ve tried to explain to Jack that perhaps he should jog to get the ball at the end of the hallway rather than running as fast as he can and then trying to come to an instant stop. I have tiled floor right in front of the door, and it’s very hard to stop on the slippery tile when you are running as fast as he is. I can’t tell you how many times he’s body slammed the door retrieving the ball. In some cases, he’ gone headfirst right into it too. He doesn’t seem to mind though!

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