Monday, May 18, 2009

My colleague Keri is expecting her first child in a few weeks. I’ve had an earlier post regarding Keri and her upcoming baby girl (see here). If you’ve read the previous post, you would know that Keri a. hates pink and b. has no idea what she’s going to name this kid.

From that information, you would think that perhaps Keri is not that interested in having a baby girl, but that’s not true. She really is! All of us that work with her might be a little bit more excited, but that’s beside the point.

To celebrate, we had a small, informal baby shower at the office (Keri insisted it not be big). Below are some highlights from the party.

Yummy! Petits fours! And they have cute little baby booties, bottles and rattles on them.

Mommy and unnamed fetus.

If I had chosen the card, I would have gotten her the most girlie, baby loving, vomit inducing card I could find. But that’s just me. Our colleague Erin, who picked out the card, was a bit more sensitive to Keri’s anti-pink feelings and found this bluish/greenish baby card instead.

We’ve got our baby poll going. I’m hoping I win. Not that I’ll actually win anything except the satisfaction of guessing the closest. Keri, you better not have that baby until June 7th because that’s the day I’ve gone with.

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