Monday, February 22, 2010

To quote the movie Office Space, I’m suffering from a “case of the Monday’s.” Ugh, so hard to come back to work on Monday after an awesome weekend. It was finally nice in Atlanta so I spent the entire weekend outside. Brunch outside on the patio, long walk outside in the neighborhood, coffee outside at the coffee shop…you get the picture.

And guess who joined me yesterday afternoon? You got it. Jack!

After our walk we got to see Jack’s Inman Park dog friends and spent some time playing with them, and then later we went for coffee at Inman Perk. Jack considers himself to be a regular there and just pulls up a chair.


  1. Cute! But don't you have some work to do?

  2. Lunch break, Keri. Lunch break.

  3. Keri, if you're so productive, why are you reading this blog?